1. Only students who fully satisfy the entry requirements for their programme of study can be admitted to the College. Any student found to have dubiously entered the College shall be withdrawn immediately.
  2. A student found to have gained admission into the College through fraud or misrepresentation may be liable to prosecution. If found out after graduation the College shall withdraw the certificate through formal writing to the National Accreditation Board and any relevant regulatory body.


New students are required are required to undergo orientation and counselling before they register for their courses at the beginning of the academic year. The orientation programme shall involve individual lecturers who will explain to the nature of their programme.The purpose of the orientation is as stated below: To welcome the fresh students and help them to adjust and settle down in College life. To guide the students through the registration procedure.
  1. To expose students to facilities in the College.
  2. To acquaint students with the operations of the Students  Representatives Council through which they can channel their concerns. Orientation exposes students to their rights, privileges, obligations and responsibilities within the College.


New Students
  1. On arrival on campus, new students shall register at their respective departments.
  2. The student shall pay the necessary charges/fees as shall be approved by the Academic Board.
Continuing Students
  1. Continuing students shall also register at their respective departments after the necessary formalities at the Administration have been completed
Penalty for Late Registration
  1. A fine determined from time to time for each day of absence shall be imposed on both new and continuing students.
  2. No registration shall be allowed three weeks after re-opening.
Penalty for Non-registration
  1. Any student who fail to register shall lose their student status.
Purpose for Registration The purpose of registration is for students to;
  1. Formally inform the Head of Department of their presence at the College.
  2. Inform the Head of Department of their intention to pursue the courses indicated on their registration forms for that semester alone, including trailed courses.
  3. Express their intention to participate in the interim and end of semester examinations.
  4. Expressly accept all conditions outlined in the rules and regulations for students for the entire semester.


A matriculation ceremony will be held every year during the first semester for the purpose of formally registering all new students into the College. Academic gown shall be worn by students on occasions to be specified by the Registrar. These occasions may include matriculation and graduation ceremonies


Student’s fees are fixed annually by the Academic Board subject to approval by the College Council. Any student enrolled at the College is required to pay his/her fees in full within the first week of the first semester. Following this, students would be allowed to register.

Students ID card  All students should posses a College of Applied Sciences identification card and should do well to carry it on them always.                 



Students who wish to transfer to other departments of the College or to other institutions must satisfy the following conditions:
  1. Have a minimum GPA of 2.50.
  2. Meet admission requirements for the proposed new program.
  3. Must not transfer more than two courses. The total work load to be carried as a result of the transfer in any semester shall not exceed 30 contact hours per week.
  1. Obtain change of programme form from the Admissions Office.
  2. Complete the relevant sections thereafter.
  3. Forward the form through the HOD to the HOD of the intending department and thereafter to the Registrar.
  1. Transfer shall be subject to vacancy existing in the new department.
  2. The transfer is subject to approval by the Academic Board.


Students transferring from other institutions to the College must:
  1. Meet the specified admissions requirements of the College.
  2. Transfer to the relevant programme.
  3. Not transfer to the first year of any programme.
  4. Have a minimum GPA of 2.50
  5. Abide by the rules and regulations of the Polytechnic.
  6. Submit transcript and clearance certificate from his/her former institution.
  7. Submit an application to the Registrar who shall refer it to the appropriate Head of Department for action.
  8. All cases of change of programme or transfer shall be reported to the Academic Board for approval.


Academic transcript shall only be given to institutions of higher learning, scholarship boards and employers on request made by students. On no account should academic transcripts be given direct to students.
  1. A request for academic transcript shall be honored only on application by the student on prescribed form.
    The fees charged shall be determined by the Academic Board.
  1. A student shall be entitled to Statement of Result at the end of each semester.
  1. A copy of each student’s Transcript and Statement of Result shall be sent to the Head of Department.


Any student who has completed at least one semester of study in the College may apply to the Academic Board provided;
  1. The student is in good academic standing.
  2. The student will be readmitted into the semester of deferment only.
  1. The period of deferment shall not exceed one academic session